Seeds of fortitude

I am you
yes you are me
and she is him
as they are you
See us and them
we are all one
just one and all
not all but one
alone none

All hands on deck
aflame our capsizing boat
lonely sinking only planet

Sing the song
voiceless choir
drowned thirsty starved
scared scattered numb
The band plays on
Hopeless yet joyful
Joyless yet hopeful

Self-fulfilled prophecies
of doom and gloom
and ruin abound
Around the world
the same clock ticks
tricks us altogether
now or never
too late
to despair

Beyond disrepair
we lie
to ourselves
to others
Together always
we owe everything
to struggles everywhere

With just the right time
left to us still alive
we may break this
collision course
cruising out of control

Curse the fools who pretend to play gods
Pray we can wholeheartedly
free the earth and its goods again
sharing them evenly
amongst ourselves

And what’s more
between present solitudes
seeds of fortitude shall grow
kinship out of past foes

On the horizon somewhere
common ground may hold
a future ripe to reap

Ce texte, mon premier poème publié dans une revue, est paru dans le magazine Montreal Serai (VOL., 37 NO. 1, Cultivating Common Ground).